Fire Retardant Resins And their Benefits

Fire retardant resin systems are represented within two major groups.

1. Halogenated Fire Retardants

2. Non-Halogenated Fire Retardants

Halogenated Fire Retardant Resin:

The halogenated Fire retardant resins are generally less expensive and have better performance, are easier to process, and
have better physical properties.

Disadvantages of halogenated Fire retardant Resins are, their high toxicity levels,
high smoke density, and corrosive to the application equipment.
The main halogenated FR resins are brominated and chlorinated epoxy vinyl esters and polyester
resins. CPOL 7053 and CPOL 7055 grades exist on the market manufactured by Crest Speciality

Non-halogenated Fire Retardant Resin:

Halogen-free FR resins produce less toxicity and less smoke.

Non -Halogenated FR Resins contain
metal hydroxides, Melamine – based and phosphorous-based. Crest has developed an HL3 Compliant
Resin systems for the transportation sector.

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