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5 Reasons that make Epoxy Resin ideal for your Food Safe Projects this year

Epoxy Resin is popular for many reasons and applications due to its versatility, but in this article, we will look into how it works wonders for food safety in products.  Epoxy Resins are completely Food Safe Epoxy resins are made from materials that are natural and biocompatible, namely – polyepoxides and polyphenols.  They are in […]

Fire Retardant Resins And their Benefits

Fire retardant resin systems are represented within two major groups. 1. Halogenated Fire Retardants 2. Non-Halogenated Fire Retardants Halogenated Fire Retardant Resin: The halogenated Fire retardant resins are generally less expensive and have better performance, are easier to process, andhave better physical properties. Disadvantages of halogenated Fire retardant Resins are, their high toxicity levels,high smoke […]

The differences between commodity and speciality resins

Generally, the two broad types of plastic resins are – commodity and engineered /speciality. For manufacturers, it can be crucial to understand the key differences amongst these categories so the right resin can be suggested for any application. In this article, we will discuss and compare commodity versus engineering resins, along with the most common […]

All About the Types of Resin and Their Uses

Resins are generally considered a family of substances that are viscous and convert into rigid polymers through a curing process. A resin can occur both naturally as well as synthetic – made in the labs, while many of the artificial can come close to their natural counterparts – a lot of them have very different […]

What Are Reactive Polyamide Resins?

epoxy curing resin

About Polyamide Resins Polyamide resins are high-molecular-weight polymers that contain amide linkages in their molecular composition. Nylon and Aramid resins are the subcategories of Synthetic polyamides, which are popular for commercial applications. These resins are distributed as reactive or nonreactive. The reactive category is utilized primarily as curing agents for epoxy resins which are used […]

Silicone Epoxy Resin for Thermal Barrier Coatings

Where Is A Silicon Epoxy Resin Used? An Epoxy resin solution has been a reliable yet versatile polymer system for a long time in the industry due to its impeccable electrical insulation properties. They are additionally used for their great adhesion to a big variety of substrates, chemical, and thermal resistance, as well as enhanced […]

Epoxy Acrylates – A step towards Eco-Friendly technology

The New Direction of Modern Plastics The utilization of plastics is expanding in our day-to-day routines. In the car market, more than 35% of auto parts are now made of plastics as OEMs focus to decrease a vehicle’s normal load by 15-20% in the coming very long time to upgrade eco-friendliness and lessen their climate […]

Various Applications of Silicone Modified Polyester Coatings

Silicone modified polyester resin is a blend of silicone intermediate and polyester. Silicone improves the weather resistance and gloss retention of polyester coatings. Silicone modified polyester provides high adhesion to glass, flexibility, good weather ability, good insulation, wide compatibility, good heat resistance, solvent resistance, etc. Attributing such favorable properties, silicone modified polyester is largely used […]

What are Acrylic Resins and How are They Used?

What is acrylic resin? Acrylic resins are used for many things that we interact within our daily lives. Be it coatings of your car, the covering of a can of cold beverage, or your very own cellphone screens – acrylic resins are widely used and preferred for their chemical properties.  These resins belong to a […]

All About The Wide Industry Presence of Vinyl Esters

Vinyl Ester Resins are becoming increasingly popular in GRP fabrication, not only as of the resins of choice for corrosion equipment but also for the fabrication of composite materials for structural, automotive, marine, and military applications. In this blog, we have tried to summarize the characteristics, curing behavior, and new emerging applications of these very […]