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Recycling Efforts for FRP Composites

The use of pultruded materials has instigated a lot of discourse about its environmental benefits, however, there’s a gray area about the end of their useful life. Can they be reused then? Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites have the possibility of being recycled through pultrusion, by grinding and thermal reclaiming of fibers. The current options produce […]

FRP in Telecommunication

Pultrusion is gaining popularity when it comes to manufacturing composite parts across various applications. In the advanced world where technology is at the forefront, engineers in industries like infrastructure, oil, and gas, architecture, and telecommunications have realized fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites to be the best fit for the products. To live up to the demands […]

Fire Retardant Resins And their Benefits

Fire retardant resin systems are represented within two major groups. 1. Halogenated Fire Retardants 2. Non-Halogenated Fire Retardants Halogenated Fire Retardant Resin: The halogenated Fire retardant resins are generally less expensive and have better performance, are easier to process, andhave better physical properties. Disadvantages of halogenated Fire retardant Resins are, their high toxicity levels,high smoke […]