Various Applications of Silicone Modified Polyester Coatings

Silicone modified polyester resin is a blend of silicone intermediate and polyester. Silicone improves the weather resistance and gloss retention of polyester coatings. Silicone modified polyester provides high adhesion to glass, flexibility, good weather ability, good insulation, wide compatibility, good heat resistance, solvent resistance, etc. Attributing such favorable properties, silicone modified polyester is largely used in metal coating applications. 

Silicone-modified polyester resins improve gloss retention and chalk performance. They are widely used in commercial building paints and coatings for better abrasion resistance, chalk resistance over polyesters, outstanding color consistency, and heat stability. Increasing use of silicone modified polyester resin in various end-use industries. 

Coil Coating

Silicone-modified polyester coil coating system designed exclusively for the metal construction industry. It is the industry’s strongest and best-performing paint system. Silicone modified polyester (SMP) contributes superior durability and weather resistance through years of test data and installations in the field. Available since 2005, so building owners can enjoy years of protection.

CPOL SL 5102 resin formulation provides the backbone of this revolutionary silicone-modified polyester system. It has good compatibility with ceramic and inorganic pigments, The paint prepared with SMP and Inorganic Pigments is proven to be the most fade resistant. The result is a coating that provides the highest durability, consistency, and color stability.

Pan and Pot Coating

Coated aluminum pans are part of the basic equipment of every kitchen: they are lightweight, inexpensive to produce, and accommodate the demands of modern, health-conscious consumers – because aluminum pans require less oil than their expensive cast-iron or stainless-steel counterparts. Aluminum pans have improved in that regard too, however, as they are usually coated on the inside with Teflon and on the outside coated with silicone polyester paints.

Aluminum pans coated on the outside with silicone polyester resins can remain stable at temperatures of up to 250 °C for relatively long periods of time – even up to 300 °C for short periods. heat resistance is limited in conventional surface coating resins based on purely organic polymers but improves markedly when silicones and polyester resins are bound chemically.

Even greater heat resistance can be achieved in silicone polyester resin coatings formulated with inorganic pigment fillers, these coatings can even withstand temperatures of over 500 °C for short periods of time.

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