5 Reasons that make Epoxy Resin ideal for your Food Safe Projects this year

Epoxy Resin is popular for many reasons and applications due to its versatility, but in this article, we will look into how it works wonders for food safety in products. 

  1. Epoxy Resins are completely Food Safe

Epoxy resins are made from materials that are natural and biocompatible, namely – polyepoxides and polyphenols. 

They are in fact organic compounds and serve as a natural pigment. These materials are Fda approved and can be used in edible coatings on many food packaging products.

  1. Epoxy Resin is extremely durable

Epoxies are known for their toughness, as they don’t easily dent or chip. They can also be painted or stained to achieve desirable colors

This resin can also form a hard finish on materials like metal, ceramic, or, glass. Inadvertently, they also are resistant to scratches, corrosion, frost, and UV damage. 

  1. Epoxy Resin in Non-toxic

These resins are completely non-toxic, no toxic compounds are used in their making. They are also considered eco-friendly, along with that they also emit very few VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds.

Epoxy Resins are additionally non-flammable to most products. This makes them extremely safe to work with as well.

  1. Epoxy Resin is quite affordable

Epoxies can be used for varied applications that are related to food safety. Additionally, using more of this resin can yield better results which is possible as large quantities of it cost less than other options.

  1. Epoxy is environmentally friendly

Many alternatives use harmful chemicals that lead to toxic byproducts that contaminate the food. 

Epoxy resins can be applied to virtually anything, and they are environmentally friendly for a greener future.

Much like all of Crest Speciality Resin’s efforts in the resin field, we offer you the best of innovation and green technology for a plethora of applications.

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