Crest Speciality Resins, India’s largest integrated resin manufacturer, is a technology driven company incorporated in 1989 and is spearheaded by executive portfolio from BITS Pilani, IITs and IIM-A. With its two state of the art manufacturing units located in Gujarat and Karnataka, the company caters to its current production requirements with a capacity of over 60,000 tonnes per annum.

Started as a sole trading entity, the company forayed into manufacturing in the year 1995 and evolved over time to steer its current product portfolio. In the course of this transition, Crest heavily diversified its product portfolio and today, it ably caters to the Composites, Coatings and Telecom Cable segments.

In the composites segment, having initially set up a pilot plant for the manufacture of Vinyl Esters, Crest is today one of the market leaders catering to the following industrial segments with its range of products mentioned hereafter.

With a key strength in core Research & Development, Crest proudly boasts a fully equipped R & D Center approved by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India with a team of over 20 highly qualified Polymer Chemists who work constantly to meet the growing and specialized needs of the industry.

Growing with the Indian integrated market and up-scaled exports, Crest is already looking to expand its current capacity to over 85000 MT/annum by 2020 with its core focus on automation, consistency and innovation to deliver and expand its portfolio of high quality products.

AutomobileSMC/DMC Resin, Low Profile Additive, DCPD Based Putty Resin, Acrylic Polyol Resin, High Performance Adhesives
Chemical IndustryVinyl Esters & Brominated Vinyl Esters, Bisphenol Fumarate, Isophthalate & Terephthalate Resin
ElectricalSMC / DMC Resin, Low Profile Additives, DCPD Resin, Varnish Resin, Pultrusion Resin
Building and ConstructionPultrusion Resin, RTM resin, Pigmented Gelcoats, Polyester based Wood Coating, SMC Resin, Pultrusion Resin, Vinyl Ester reisn for Rebar, Saturated Polyester
InfrastructureFilament Winding, Pultrusion Resin, , Vinyl Ester reisn for Rebar, Saturated Polyester
MassTransportationNon Halogenated FR Resin, FR Pigmented Gelcoat, Polyester & Vinyl Ester Resin, RTM Resin, PUTTY Resin, Phenolic Resin, Low Styrene Emission UPR
Optical Fibre and TelecomThermally Cured Modified Acylic Resin, UV Cured Modified Epoxy Resin, Reactive Monomer, Polyurethane Dispersion, Isophthalic Pultrusion
Power sectorHigh Temp Resistance Vinyl Ester Resin for Chimney Lining, Resin For Glass Flake Coating, Vinyl Ester Resin for FGD, DM Water, Filament Winding Resins For Utilities and Poles, Pultrusion Resin for Cross Arms
AerospaceHigh performance Adhesives, Pre-preg resins


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