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Can Fiberglass Pultrusion make Wood Products stronger?

Composite products have brought a new debate of preference – original woof or composite materials? They both have their profits and shortcomings, but with newer applications, the composite edge is being explored much better.  Wood has its appeal for natural texture and strength. But here we will look into wood composites and how they can […]

5 Reasons that make Epoxy Resin ideal for your Food Safe Projects this year

Epoxy Resin is popular for many reasons and applications due to its versatility, but in this article, we will look into how it works wonders for food safety in products.  Epoxy Resins are completely Food Safe Epoxy resins are made from materials that are natural and biocompatible, namely – polyepoxides and polyphenols.  They are in […]

Pultrusion Rods as the Efficient Substitute for Conventional Materials

Traditional materials such as steel, metals, and wood are gradually becoming a pain for projects due to their raw material, processing, and logistics costs. Because of this, project managers have started looking into replacing the traditional materials. Here comes fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) into the picture, as the best-served substitute. For instance, FRP rebars are known […]

FRP in Telecommunication

Pultrusion is gaining popularity when it comes to manufacturing composite parts across various applications. In the advanced world where technology is at the forefront, engineers in industries like infrastructure, oil, and gas, architecture, and telecommunications have realized fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites to be the best fit for the products. To live up to the demands […]


FRP like any other application of science and technology produces waste and pollutants. Proper control has to be exercised to ensure their disposal for our safety. Environmental control, therefore, must form part of our manufacturing strategy from day one. Strong federal and state laws exist in the western countries for the prevention of environmental pollution […]